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Relax and enjoy some of the the best craft beers in Australia from the fabulous people at the Daylesford Brewery Co.


The Daylesford Brewing Co was established in 2015 by partners Dave and Jessica, and was born out of their loves of beer, and of Daylesford, the town Jessica grew up in, has led Dave to and where they both call home.


Putting the Ale back into Daylesford” is exactly what the Daylesford Brewing Co. is all about!


The Beer O'clock also contains delicious TLUX pretzels, scrumptious Chappy's Chips and assorted nuts roasted in Melbourne.


Beer O'clock!

$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
  • The DAYLESFORD DRAUGHT is a classic European style Lager. Using a combination of Vienna and Pilsner Malts paired with traditinoal German Hops, this Lager is a perfect beer. Not too bitter or Hoppy, just well balanced.

    The PALE ALE is a modern Australian Pale Ale, influenced by both British and American varieties. The malt driven palate gives a greater richness and fullness to the beer, while the addition of a blend of dry hops in the fermenter provides the distinctive floral and citrus aroma indicative of pale ales.

    The GOLDEN ALE is an ode to the breweries that once dotted the Daylesford landscape during the gold rush. The beer has a light refreshing body aided by a moderate use of wheat in the grain bill. The tropical fruity aromas including green melon and grapefruit come from the addition of 3 hop varieties. A mild bitterness rounds out the beer. This beer is designed to quench your thirst and have you reaching for a second. 

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